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che cos’è pompom?


Pompom è la mia nuova avventura, è come un figlio che malgrado le resistenze della madre vuole venire alla luce comunque, è la forza di un’idea, è la forma che sto cominciando a dare alla passione di sempre: creare, costruire con le mani. Per tutta la vita ho lavorato con la testa, sono stata tutta testa, ma adesso è il tempo di fare. Così nasce questo progetto che mette insieme gli oggetti tessili che realizzo: accessori, sciarpe, arazzi, tappeti, intrecci e altri esperimenti e scherzi con i filati!


Pompom is my new adventure is like a child that despite the resistance of his mother wants to come to light, however, is the strength of an idea, is the form that I’m beginning to give to life-long passion: to create, build by hand. All my life I have worked with my head, I was all over my head, but now is the time to do. So was born this project that brings together objects that I make textile: accessories, scarves, tapestries, rugs, weavings and other experiments and jokes with the yarns!



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One winter day dyeing


Hello everyone, how has your holidays been so far?

At the moment I’m in my house in the countryside to celebrate the end of this year.


I brought some untreated natural wool with me to dye it with seasonal vegetable findings.


These days in Tuscany you can find beautiful red cabbages, perfect for a dye bath.



I put the wool in the bath all night long for the fiber to get ready to receive the color.


I decided to etch the yarn with alum. It’s a first for me, I usually use white vinegar but this time I felt like trying.


I melted the alum in hot water and then added it to the wool. I let the mixture simmer for an hour.


In the meantime…


I prepared the dye bath: I cut the cabbage into pieces, put them in hot water and let them be for about an hour at 80 degrees.


While waiting, a bit of knitting…


This pink wool take its color from a beetroots bath I prepared this summer!



The color of the water became this intense violet: gorgeous, isn’t it?



I drained and rinsed the wool to remove the alum and then immersed it in the color.


Right now it’s cooling in the pot.

Tomorrow I will take the wool in the garden to make it dry in the wind. I can’t wait to see the result!

For the time being, I will put in a good use the remaining water and alum: the hydrangeas will love it since it’s an excellent fertilizer !!!


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maglieria toscana

Da Pompom nasce una preziosa nuova avventura: Maglieria Toscana! E’ un progetto tutto Italiano, anzi.. tutto Toscano di maglieria artigianale che utilizza solo lana 100% prodotta e lavorata in questa splendida regione che è la Toscana, la mia regione!

Per questo autunno e questo inverno Maglieria Toscana lancia Woman Cardigan, un capo estremamente comodo, morbido, chic e bio completamente senza cuciture per uno stile profondamente femminile..

On line shop su Etsy,


Enjoy it!!!!!